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Oval Hnadprint Charm DWI0144 Dog Tag Footprint Charm DWI0144 Heart Handprint Charm DWI0178
Heart Handprint Charm DWI0197 Curvy Heart Handprint Charm DWI0209 Round & Daisy Handprint Charms DWI0194 
Diamond & Heart Handprint Charms DWI0200 Heart shaped Fingerprint Charm DWI0221 Round Fingerprint Charm DWI0219 
Round Fingerprint Charm DWI0177 Heart Fingerprint Charm DWI0183 Heart Fingerprint Charm DWI0185 
Diamond Fingerprint Charm DWI0185 Round Fingerprint Charm DWI0212 Heart Fingerprint Charms DWI0214 
Multiple Charms DWI0145  
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